Dr. Monica Chen, Practitioner of Dystonia, specializing in performance training for musicians, Practitioner of the Farias Technique.

Practitioner of Dystonia

My name is Monica.

Practitioner of Dystonia

A non-invasive and effective movement training.

The Farias Technique is a movement training based on neuroplasticity. It is based on neuroscience knowledge and is designed according to the individual movements of the patient.

My goal is to help my clients find their movements.

The main goal is to restore cognitive, perceptual, emotional and motor functions by neuroplasticity training, so that the proper movements that were previously used can be reproduced.

What type of sessions
do I offer
One on One Sessions

The training sessions are 4-Days consecutively. Each session is 90 minutes. It includes explaining the causes of dystonia, answering questions, and exercises designed for the player and the type of instrument.

Group Sessions

Group sessions means small classes with at least 3 or 4 participants but not more than that. Please write me an email for details.

How I

work with

my clients




1. Link

Please click on this link to the Farias Technique/ Monica Chen reservation page.

2. Click to choose your schedule

Please select your suitable time for the session.

3. Fill out the form and upload the video

Answer the questions on the form and upload a video showing your symptoms.

4. Complete payment procedures

Enter your credit card information to complete the reservation procedure, and the system will send a confirmation letter to your email.


*If you haven’t taken Dr. Farias’ seminar and aren’t a member of the Dystonia Recovery Program yet, you must first start with a four-day training session for 90 minutes per day. Please email to, and I will set up a four-day session link specifically for you.

How I

work with

my clients

in person


1. Fill Out the Enrollment Form

Please click here. Kindly fill out the enrollment form and briefly describe your clinical history.

2. Upload Videos

There is a button at the bottom of the enrollment form page. Please upload videos in which you demonstrate your symptoms. You can upload multiple times.

3. Waiting for Reply

I will review your documents, and let you know if you are qualified for the training sessions as soon as possible.

4. Establish a Timeline

We establish a timeline that works for both of us. Please complete the reservation process before the sessions begin.

Let’s work
Make an appointment for dystonia training with Dr. Monica Chen. Contact information.


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