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Do medications cause dystonia?

Do Medications Cause Dystonia?

by | Feb 9, 2017

Practitioner of the Farias Technique

Dr. Monica Chen, Practitioner of Dystonia, specializing in performance training for musicians, Practitioner of the Farias Technique
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Monica Chen is a native Taiwanese violinist and the first practitioner of dystonia in Asia. She has a DMA in violin performance and currently working as an assistant professor at Taipei National University of Arts. Monica studied with Dr. Farias, a leading specialist treating dystonia with movement therapy. She is also the Chinese translator of Dr. Farias‘ book,  ‘Limitless’.

        In addition to emotions, stress, and unknown reasons, the use of medications may also cause dystonia. In the “Dystonia and Various Medications” published by Dr. Auberle, medications that are currently known to cause dystonia are listed. These medications may be associated with different forms of dystonia. Some of these medications may cause clear symptoms, but others may develop mild symptoms over time.

     These medications on the list are not unavailable, because many people take these medications without symptoms of dystonia. The main purpose of this information is to remind medications users to understand the possible side effects of the medications, or to “start from a small amount and increase slowly” in the dosage.

      These medications are treatments for: depression, muscle weakness, neurocardiac syncope, memory problems, epilepsy, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, amentia and etc. Please refer to the figure below for details.

This article is excerpted from http://www.spasmodictorticollis.org 

Dystonia and Various Medications
Dystonia and Various Medications
Dystonia and Various Medications
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